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Kinder Child Find Letter

Download Kinder Find Letter PDF

Children who will be five years of age before September 2, 2023 are about to embark on a wonderful, exciting adventure.

At this time, we are conducting a survey of our school community to locate our incoming kindergarten students. If you have a child eligible for kindergarten, would you complete the following information and return it to your elementary school by February 1st, 2023. Child’s Legal Name (first, middle, last) as it appears on the birth certificate
Father’s Full Name
Mother’s Full Name
______________________ __________________
Street Address City Zip Code
Parent/Guardian Email Address
Cell and/or Home Number
Child’s Birth Date
_____________________________ __________________________
Male Female

Later on, you will be notified of the Kindergarten registration date. At that time, Weber School District requires a student registration form, proof of residency (2), and a birth certificate (bearing a seal). We request a dental and physical examination. The State requires proof of immunization for all children entering kindergarten. You will receive these forms with the announcement of the Kindergarten Registration date. We look forward to meeting you and our in-coming kindergarten students soon. If you know of a child who might be missed in this survey, please ask the family to notify the school.