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What is SCC?

The School Community Council is a volunteer organization made up of teachers and parent members who determine the usage of Trustland funds for school improvement.

The purpose of the School Community Council is to:

Build communication between parents and teachers.

  1. To give parents the opportunity to be actively involved with the school and their children's education.
  2. Create an annual School LAND Trust Plan

Here are the responsibilities of a community council:

Each public school shall establish a school community council. The council shall:

  1. Develop a school improvement plan;
  2. Develop the School LAND Trust plan;
  3. Assist in the development and implementation of a staff professional development
  4. Develop a child access routing plan for schools including grades K-8;
  5. Make recommendations to the local school board on school district programs and the
    school community environment for students;
  6. Develop a K-3 reading plan, in appropriate schools.


If you are interested in getting involved with the Community Council, please reach out to our Principal, Melissa Copeland (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more information.