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Community Council Agenda


4:00 pm

Majestic Library

  1. Welcome
    1. Introduce Community Council Membership
      1. Returning Community: Randy Allred (4, Chair), Amanda King (4)
      2. Newly Elected: Jennie Taylor (7), Amanda Hardee (3). Angie Francom (*1), Liz Putnam (1)
      3. Returning Faculty: none … Dave Wallace (6)
      4. Newly Elected: Nichole Chatfield (5), Shauna Cooney (*1), Brandon Lott (1)
    2. Visitors Welcome! (recognize any who may be in attendance)
    3. Review Open and Public Meeting Requirements and Procedures
    4. Elect Chair & Vice-chair

  1. The history, purpose, and responsibilities of the Community Council and the School LAND Trust program

  1. Review the Final Report and Final Expenditures from the 2017-2018 Plan

  1. Review the 2018-2019 Land Trust Plan that was authorized in April, 2018

  1. Schedule Upcoming Meetings for the year

  1. Updates/Concerns
    1. School fundraiser
    2. ‘New’ Elementary School boundary process
    3. #Eyes4Majestic & Security--cameras, attendance, and ‘other’


Community Council nominations: Notification: August 6th, August 8th, August 15th, August 16th

Community Council Elections announced to be August 29th-August 31st: August 17th

Community Council Ballot published: August 29th