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Digital Media Devices (DMD) including Cell Phones

Dear Parents,

We wanted you to be aware of a procedure that has been approved by the Majestic Community

Council, Safety Committee and PTA representatives. The use of digital media devices (DMD) is often

disruptive to a positive learning environment and may infringe on the privacy and rights of others.

Majestic Elementary Dress Code
Dress for Success: (required dress code)

Students should dress at school in a manner that enhances the total quality of education in our school and helps the student to be in a mindset that is conducive to learning.

Weber School District Student Discipline Policy and Safe School Policy

I. Purpose The purpose of the policy is to foster a safe, positive environment for learning.

Majestic Attendance Policy
The student is responsible to be present in class and the "parent, guardian or other person having control of any minor between six and eighteen years of age shall be required to send such minor to school during the regularly established" school day in the attendance area of residence.

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