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Goal #1


50% of the students (Gr. K-3) who are identified as intensive on the beginning-of-year DIBELS test will progress a minimum of one level (to strategic or benchmark) on the end-of-year test.

Academic Areas

  • Reading


This is the measurement identified in the plan to determine if the goal was reached.

DIBELS assessment will be conducted three times per year for students in grades K-3.

Please show the before and after measurements and how academic performance was improved.

The Dibels Assessment was conducted three times in the 2018-2019 school year.  We had 66% of students achieve typical or above growth, from the beginning of the year Dibels test to the end of year Dibels test.

Action Plan Steps

This is the Action Plan Steps identified in the plan to reach the goal.

In addition to classroom Tier II instruction, 100% of students who are identified as intensive by the DIBELS tests will receive additional interventions from the Reading Intervention Team, ELL aide, or the Special Education team.
Exception: Parents will be able to opt-out of this service upon request.
In addition to the Reading Coach, at least two Reading aides will be employed to provide small-group reading interventions to at-risk readers. ($36,500)
DIBELS assessments will be conducted at regular intervals for students in Grades K-3.
Reading Intervention services will be expanded to serve Spanish-Immersion students who need literacy support in Spanish. ($15,500)

Please explain how the action plan was implemented to reach this goal.

Aides were employed to perform Tier II reading intervention instruction on those students identified as intensive or strategic by the DIBELS tests, ELL, and special education. ($30,000.00). Spanish Immersion aide also assisted students in the spanish immersion program that were in core subjects. (15475).


CategoryDescriptionEstimated CostActual CostActual Use
Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200)

$52,000 At least two aides to assist with reading intervention. Aides with 'other' responsibilities also likely be supplemented to provided additional intervention services as their schedule allows.

$52,000 $45,475

Salaries were provided for reading intervention aides along with PLC aides in PE and computer. Each student had the weekly opportunity to participate in the rotations for PE and computer.

Goal #2

Funding Changes (and Unplanned Expenditures)Edit

The school plan describes how additional funds exceeding the estimated distribution would be spent. This is the description.

We would likely use additional monies to support Goal #2 by providing additional aide support for the PLC process, RTI, and/or technology.

Description of how any additional funds exceeding the estimated distribution were actually spent.

Additional professional development and computer hardware purchases were made.


The following items are the proposed methods of how the Plan would be publicized to the community:

  • Sticker and stamps that identify purchases made with School LAND Trust funds.
  • School newsletter
  • School website

The school plan was actually publicized to the community in the following way(s):

  • School newsletter
  • School website

Policy MakersEdit

The school community council has communicated with the following policy makers about the School LAND Trust Program. Communication with Policy makers is encouraged and recommended. It is not required.

State Leaders
Trust Lands Administration

Summary Posting DateEdit

A summary of this Final Report was provided to parents and posted on the school website on 2019-10-21

Council Plan Approvals

Number ApprovedNumber Not ApprovedNumber AbsentVote Date
9 0 0 2018-03-09

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Note About Amendments

You may add a response to an amendment's explanation as part of the Final Report, however this is not required.

Plan Amendments

Approved Amendment #1Respond

Submitted By
Karla Porter
Submit Date
Admin Reviewer
Paula Plant
Admin Review Date
District Reviewer
Karla Porter
District Approval Date
Board Approval Date
Number Approved
Number Not Approved
Vote Date
Explanation for Amendment
Proposed to Amend Goal #1 to read: 60% of K-3 students will make typical or above typical growth from Beginning of Year DIBELS Assessments to End of Year DIBELS Assessments. It brings into alignment our Landtrust goal with our State literacy goal. The action plans are identical; the goal should be the same too.

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