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How to Stay Connected

Do you feel frustrated that everyone else seems to be aware of what is going on in the Majestic-world but you are just “out of the loop”. Rather than rely on your student getting a note to you, telling you the upcoming schedule, or the rumor mill to keep you informed we strongly encourage that you take advantage of some easy-to-use and informative resources that can be accessed on multiple devices.

The school office, classroom and PTA will communicate using the Portal, website, e-mail and text messaging and even in some cases Facebook and blogs. We strongly encourage you to sign up on the different systems below in order to stay in the loop.

MyWEBER (often called The Portal): a great resource to access a student’s progress report, report card, attendance, lunch accounts, and end-of-level testing (SAGE and CRT). It also helps us to link you to the school’s mass e-mail and text communication system and allows you to keep Demographic and Emergency Contact information updated. Multiple accounts can be set-up to meet the needs of various family dynamics. This account is designed to provide information for all of the students linked to a particular parent throughout their school career. This one is essential, please sign up now.

To create a MYWEBER parent account go to: or access Majestic's school website at and click on the MY WEBER STUDENT PORTAL button on the home page. It’s a great idea to make it a favorite.

MyConnect (mass text messages): Weber School District has created a messaging system (similar to Remind 101) to send short texts straight to your cell phone. It will often be used by teachers, coaches, and office administration to communicate reminders, emergencies, and updates. Specific instructions will be given by each teacher to access accounts created specifically for the classroom and grade.

To receive texts from the Majestic Elementary office please:

     Text to the following number: 385-313-8398 (this number is used for all WSD                        accounts) 
     As your message type: join @majparents or
     e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and as a message (not subject) type: join @majparents

Majestic’s newsletters and mass mailings: This resource is used often to communicate school newsletters, provide updates and notices. The easiest way to sign up is to:
     Go to the school website:
     Click on the grades you would like to enroll in for grade specific messages
     Clicking on one or more grades will also add you to the “All Parents” list.
     The school website is also used to be an information resource for teacher e-mail addresses,          PTA links, Community Council information and other valuable links.

PTA Facebook: The Majestic PTA has created a private Facebook page for parents and teachers to stay in the loop and to help celebrate some of the awesome things happening at our school. It is a "secret" page, meaning you must be invited to it in order to even be able to see it from your Facebook account--so that strangers on the internet can't find the page or see anything that is posted. If you are interested in being invited to the Facebook page, please email the PTA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact a member of the PTA board.

Please let us know if you have any struggles or aren’t’ finding what you are looking for. We use these resources often to keep you informed – and it’s a whole lot more accurate than the rumor mill. UROCK!!!