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Weber School District (WSD) Dual Immersion (DI) Guidelines



Applications/Lottery will be due on a specified date near the end of March prior to the student’s first grade year

Notification process for the applications could be but not limited to; school web site, newsletters, marques and notes sent home with Kindergarten students.

A school level meeting for parents will be held prior to application due date  Applications for school employee’s children will follow WSD boundary rules and be subject to lottery weighting  

No applications for the lottery will be accepted after the deadline

The lottery is used for initial first grade application (see below, Later Grades Acceptance for all other grade levels)  


Weightings: 1 point each  

Sibling in program

Lives within school boundary

Attended DI school during Kindergarten year

The target language is spoken in the home

Lives within WSD boundaries Wait list from



When lottery is completed classes will be loaded based on highest to lowest point value

When classes are complete the remaining applications will be applied to a waiting list.

All applications with equal weightings will be put in a drawing for ranking (luck of the draw)

This waiting list will stay in effect until the end of the first semester (middle of January) of the 1st grade year after that date students will be too far behind their peers to enter the program


Later Grades Acceptance:  

Late acceptance is defined as moving into the DI school after first semester of the student’s first grade year. Families moving into the DI school boundaries will be considered under the following conditions:

Regardless of class size, highest priority will be given to students who are moving into the DI boundary school from a DI program. These students must have comparable language proficiency to the WSD students.

Families moving into the area but out of the DI school boundaries will be given consideration if the student has been in a DI program. These families will be subject to boundary rules therefore class size will be a factor. These students must have comparable language proficiency to WSD students

All other considerations will be addressed on an individual basis at the school level