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Majestic Elementary Dress Code

Dress for Success:  (required dress code)

Students should dress at school in a manner that enhances the total quality of education in our school and helps the student to be in a mindset that is conducive to learning.

The listed guidelines should be followed to ensure student safety and to enhance the learning environment:

- Short shorts or skirts should extend beyond the fingers as the arms extend naturally down the side

- Shirts must have a sleeve. Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, bare midriffs or backs, and/or see through clothing should not be worn to school.

- Shoes must be worn at all times and should be comfortable and protective for children on the playground (appropriate boots are encouraged for snow activities)

- Coats should be worn during cold weather

- Hats and sunglasses may only be worn outside

- “Heelies”-type shoes need to have the wheels removed and be kept at home


Clothing items that are not school appropriate include:

- Clothing that advertises or displays drugs, alcohol, or tobacco  

- Clothing displaying profane, vulgar, or crude pictures, slogans, or words

- Hair color or make-up that is extreme and disruptive to the learning environment


Electronic Devices, Toys and Personal Belongings: Electronic devices, toys, and other personal belongings (that have no connection to school) should remain at home. This will prevent distractions from academics, items from being lost, stolen, broken, arguments, etc. This includes cell phones, IPODS, and other electronic devices.) The school cannot assume any responsibility for the loss or damage to these types of items being brought to school.

If a parent feels it is necessary for a phone to be brought to school then it should remain in the student’s backpack – unseen and unheard – until after school. Incentive activities or field trips may also allow electronic devices under the guidelines and supervision of the teacher.

 Property: Student’s desks, books, and other such property are owned by the school.  The school exercises exclusive control over school property, students should not expect privacy regarding items placed in school property because school property is subject to search at any time by school officials.  Students are responsible for whatever is contained in desks issued to them by the school.  If damaged occurs to these issued items, students must pay for the cost to replace the item.

Playground: Students must play in designated areas.  Students must respect others and be kind.  Shoes must be worn at all times.  Students may not engage or play with others who are two or more years older or younger than themselves.  Students need to have a pass from the playground supervisor to enter the building during recess time.  Students may not be overly aggressive or have physical aggression.  Prohibited activities include but are not limited to; pushing, hitting kicking, rough play, play fighting, wrestling, throwing snowballs, lifting others up, spitting, and throwing rocks or sand. Students involved in physical fighting will be immediately brought into the Principal.

Wheeled Items Policy: The use of skateboards, rollerblades, and wheelie shoes are prohibited on the Majestic Elementary school grounds.  Students are NOT allowed to bring these items to school.  Bicycle and scooter riding is prohibited on campus at all times. 

Vandalism and Destruction of School Property: Majestic Elementary and school equipment are public property.  Willfully damaging or destroying this property is cause for possible suspension from school. The school requires that damages be paid for before a student is allowed to return to class.  Local authorities will be involved when appropriate.  If a student accidentally causes damage they should report it to their teacher immediately so that the damage is not misconstrued as vandalism.