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Majestic Attendance Policy

The student is responsible to be present in class and the "parent, guardian or other person having control of any minor between six and eighteen years of age shall be required to send such minor to school during the regularly established" school day in the attendance area of residence.
Students are expected to be in school in each class each day unless properly excused by their parents, administrator, or teacher. A student not properly excused will be considered truant.
Attendance shall be checked carefully in accordance with State and District pupil accounting regulations and procedures and individual building practices. Students not accounted for shall be reported to the office so that a check can be made as to their whereabouts. Teachers must check attendance in their own classes. THIS IS ONE RESPONSIBILITY THAT MUST NOT BE DELEGATED TO A STUDENT.

  1. A roll will be kept and marked by the teacher for each class period.
  2. Every reasonable attempt will be made to contact parents when the student misses class time.
    A record will be kept of this contact.
  3. Parents may excuse students for illness and/or family emergencies. A student who is absent will provide the school with an excuse from the parent or guardian. Administrators may require appropriate verification of absences. School sponsored activities and pre-arranged
    educational experiences must be approved by the school administration.
  4. When parents request to have their children excused from school for reasons other than illness or family emergency, arrangements for such absences must be made in advance.
    School personnel may provide assignments for students and may also allow examinations to be made up. All such cases shall be handled on an individual basis.
  5. It is the student's responsibility to work with the teachers in making up work for absences. Individual schools may set the time to be allowed for make-up work. A student who has been absent from class has lost some of the content of the course. If
    credit is in jeopardy due to content lost, the teacher will be responsible to inform the
    student and the parent or guardian in sufficient time for corrective action to take place.
  6. Truancies will be referred to the school administration for appropriate action.
    Excessive truancies may result in district and/or juvenile court referral. (Truancy:
    An absence without the permission of parents and school.)
  7. Tardies will be handled by individual teachers through student conferences
    and/or contact with parents. When additional assistance is needed, students may be
    referred to an administrator.